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Search, Sniff & Find.

I am now semi retired and nolonger teaching weekly classes in the pacific north west.

However, I'm available for intro to K9 Nose Work seminars in the Western United States.

To contact me about K9 Nose Work® 

Joyce: 206-819-7297














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K9 Nose Work is an exciting new sport for dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages. Dogs learn to search for novel scents in a manner very similar to professional detection dogs.

K9 Nose Work allows your dog to develop the natural drive to hunt and find. It’s a very positive experience and dogs are always rewarded. K9 Nose work is an excellent addition to a behavior modification program for shy or reactive dogs. It’s a fun bonding experience for you and your dog., Their is a bonus too: Dogs go home tired, and it’s pretty easy for the human end of the leash!

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Dog Training…

for BOTH ends of the leash.

I am no longer available in the Vancouver area as I am semi retired and seeking the sun for the winter. I can do phone consults and will have some limitted avability for a few select days in October. 

Private Training for Manners and Basic skills

Joyce: 206-819-7297














Our Private Dog Training Program in the greater Portland/Vancouver WA area usually involves teaching the human end of the leash as well as the dog end.

Manners & Training Info

We specialize in behavior problem solving as well as skills training.

Many difficult dogs simply need clear and consistent rules and direction to be successful with their human family. Almost every dog has the potential to learn.



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