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Behavior and Skills Training for Both Ends of the Leash!

With a solid focus on leadership and positive reinforcement, Joyces Dogs has a wide range of training for both ends of the leash.

Most good family dogs thrive in an environment where there are clear rules and direction. Otherwise, many dogs end up doing what comes naturally. And often what comes naturally for a dog isn't acceptable within the human family group.

K9 Nose Work Private Lessons  

Whether your in classes or in private training, our Behavior and Skills Training focuses on using Positive Reinforcement combined with Leadership Skills. We do not punish dogs to teach them what we do and don't want them to do. We teach you how to reinforce the behaviors and skills that you want your dog to have. We help you develop a management plan to prevent practicing of unwanted behaviors. We teach you how to minimize any attention your dog may be getting from you, when s/he does things you want to prevent. We give you information about how dogs learn, in a way that applies to your dog.

Our classes are small and focus on the behavior problems, leadership needs, and skill development that we most often see as issues for dog owners. Our private training gives you the opportunity to have 100% of the trainers attention so that a custom program can be developed to meet the needs of you and your dog.

We are committed to helping you with a training program that you can feel good about.

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