Long overdue update!

Well, I thought I wanted to be a blogger, and I thought I wanted to live on the road. And I have found the following to be my reality.

I love ‘living small’ in my 5 window Skoolie. And I don’t love living on the road. And apparently I have not been motivated to blog!

I want and need roots. I want and need to be ‘useful’/to have a purposeful life. And I want community. I think I pretty much knew that when I hit the road. I’ve been a member of The Foundation for Intentional Communities for several years. This reality really sunk in over the last 7-8 months. I’ve been doing house with dog sits as well as helping someone who had a medical issue and needed someone to live with her for a while. So I haven’t really been living in my bus most of the time since April. I do miss ‘living small’ when I’m not staying in the bus.

I’ve been more intensely researching community living in areas where I think I want to live. I really do want to get out of the rain. I’ve come to realize that cohousing is the best solution for me for a variety of reasons. One being that it’s hard to integrate dogs into an existing household if that household would even entertain the idea of adding two dogs with the person. I am committed to keeping my 4 legged family.

I believe I might have found where I’m going to ‘land’ but I’m not saying till I know it’s going to happen. I’m looking at communities that are not yet built, or are in the process of adding a 2nd phase to the existing community. Once I know for sure, I will likely move to the town where the community will be built. There is no existing cohousing community that has for sale a small space that is affordable and that is my criteria. Small and affordable. I’m going to have to do some creative financing but that is also in process and when/if it comes to fruition, I will reveal all.

Assuming this all comes together, my bus ‘E-nuff’ will be for sale as soon as I find a rental in said community. If your interested in seeing my bus, Bob Wells of Cheap RV Living just posted the interview of me that he videoed in February 2019. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTCxyoJknOU At that time I was still in the honeymoon phase of having left the full time + work of running my own business. As stated above, my thinking has obviously changed. The tour however, will give you a good idea of the features of my bus. I will likely offer my ‘toad’ for sale as well if someone wants the whole package that they can hit the road in immediately. So stay tuned and also email me if you think you might be interested. As you can see, it is an aesthetically pleasing interior that is functional and adaptable.

Other things going on with me include re-connecting with my husband who I have been legally separated from for the last 12 or so years. We are actually on vacation together as I type this. 12 days in AZ, a road trip in a rental car, having flown into Phoenix. We are having a great time. We have both changed a lot. Hiked down into the Grand Canyon a couple of miles. Tomorrow we go to Canyon de Chelly and the petrified forest. On to Tucson on Monday. Dog are at my friend Patty’s in Clearview. Having a great time playing with Lulu and running the pasture.

OK, enough for now.

2 thoughts on “Long overdue update!

  1. Hi Joyce,
    It is interesting that you have come to realize the need for community, purpose, and for roots. I have come to the same conclusion and am also trying to figure how to go about it, yet continue RVing part time.

    As you know, I too am from the PNW and as much as I love the area, the rain drives me nuts and I am currently at my son’s near Tacoma and what is it doing? What I call the “Oregon Mist” and you know what that is!

    I’m glad you have reconnected with your X-spouse and are having a good time.

    I am interested in what you will be doing in the future and that was a great video with Bob.


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