April 4th update – much catching up to do!

When in Parker and according to the “All Trails” app. I went on a 3.8 mile loop trail designated as easy. And it was anything but LOL. I was with 2 women from the Caravan and we were trying to o a hike that would take us down to Lake Havasu. We struggle to find the beginning of the trail off the side of the highway for maybe half an hour. Once we figured it out we walked through an Aroyo for maybe half to 3/4 of a mile. It was beautiful red rock. However there were places where it was so brushy that we really had to bush wack our way through . It reminded me of bushwhacking through the Canadian Rockies back when I used to work in the Sierra Club National Outings program.  We hiked a total of about maybe 3 1/2 hours and it was beautiful and we were along Lake Havasu for part of it and we luckily happened upon a road and found trail markers that lead us back to the highway where the car was . I was very happy that the day was somewhat cool and that I had left the dogs back in the bus. It would have been really tough on them. We logged more then 5 miles. I’m glad I can still do this kind of hiking with my two hip replacements and a sort of bum knee.

Friday morning the 22nd I left the women’s caravan in Parker and joined up with Bob who I met volunteering at the ‘free pile’ during the event I attended in January in Quartzsite.  Nice fella from New York who has been on the road for I think about three years in his pop up  truck camper . We went to Vulture peak BLM land near Wickenburg. The drive there was nice, I think they grow a lot of hay out in the desert where they can get water from a river. That is certainly the case around Parker Arizona.  As far as farm land, I think there should be a law that when you’re growing things along a freeway or highway you have to label what’s growing. I’m always curious what it is growing, and rarely find out.

The desert continues to be in bloom. I’ve seen a lot of California poppies on the sides of the road as well as going up mountain sides in the distance.  

So I spent a week with Bob, moving up to the Sedona area the second day. His Agenda was different then mine however, he is looking for a partner, I am not. We had a good time though. Did a few short hikes, sat through a presentation by Diamond Time shares in order to get a discount on two tickets for a balloon ride which Bob treated me to. It was amazing! Hard to decide which pictures to post! And my computer is not cooperating so they will come in the next post I guess!

When I left Sedona I spent two days getting to ParkSierra about 40 miles SW of the South entrance to Yosemite. It’s a beautiful co-op RV park with dry camping for dirt cheap. It’s run by Escapees RV club. I could and might consider getting on the list to take a lease on a site. The folks are super friendly and they rely on required volunteerism [during times that you are in residence] to get most of the maintenance etc. done. It could be a good location to spend spring and fall, and it’s actually not too cold in the winter most of the time either.

I left on Monday to head to Berkley to spend some time with my friend Anne before starting my wander north. We had wonderful conversations. She is the friend in my life that I have known the longest, since she was 12 and I was 16.

Our visit wasn’t nearly long enough. But she was headed out of town and I need to be moving towards PDX my the 2nd wk of April for Mozarts NW3 trial in Centralia. So now I’m headed to Bend, Sisters, then back “home”. I’ll be staying in La Center when I’m not house sitting, etc.

I am completely frustrated with my inability to get pictures of the balloons and Sedona up. Sorry 😦

2 thoughts on “April 4th update – much catching up to do!

  1. Sounds like you’re having a great time. Looking forward to seeing you at the NW3 trial in Centralia (Ivy and I are in the trial too). And, looking forward to any lessons or matches you can pull together while back “home.”

    Lois Dickinson


  2. Sounds like you are having a great time. Looking forward to seeing you at Centralia; Ivy and I are in the NW3 trial too. Also looking forward to any lessons and matches you can get put together while you are back home.



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