LOG 3-19-19:

Lots to discuss in this blog note but it’s not long.

HIKE – Had a great hike in the KOFA national wildlife refuge this week. It was hot and beautiful. California poppies by the acre up the hillsides. Dogs went too, and a friend I’m camping with. Lucky Mozart got carried part way back by Margaret. Hot dog! I thought they would be tired, I was, but back in the bus Split was madly chewing on an old bone before she crashed. I think she was happy even though she had to be on leash for the walk. I’m not letting her off leash in the desert now. Too worried about snakes and scorpions. She did notice the lizards and was trying to chase them like they were squirrels.

NOSE WORK: OK all you folks wanting to do some Nose Work with me when I’m back in town. I’m planning to do some weekend and evening practice matches at Geotk and maybe some drop in classes if there is enough interest. So please email me at joycesdogs@gmail.com or reply to this email if you are getting the posts sent to your email address. I need your name, texting phone, dog name followed by approximate level you’re at [NW 1,2,3, or elite] or ORT’s you are ready for or have passed.  I’ll trade a run for half a day of being a helper: judge, timer, gate keeper, setup. So let me know if you’re interested in a helper position. Still working on which weekends I’ll offer the matches.

HOUSE SITTING: I’ll be returning to the Vancouver area in the middle of April.  I’m hoping to do some house/animal/garden sitting In the Pacific Northwest throughout the spring summer and fall.  With the bus my dogs can remain separate from household animals since I don’t think mingling is generally a good idea.  Your neighborhood has to be accepting of parking my bus [covenants can be an issue] so I’m most interested in being in somewhat rural areas where my bus will not be a problem for the neighborhood.  I’m able and willing to do some gardening, and can take care of small livestock and well-behaved horses as well as dogs and cats.  My base rate is $25 per day.  There is a possibility of some add on’s if I’m doing significant amounts of gardening or farm work or if the location or needs of animals makes it difficult to get away for a few hours most days. So please pass the word and feel free to share my contact info. with your friends and families.

PARKING SPACE WORK TRADES: Another thing I’m looking for is work trade parking spots. I’d like to trade 10 hrs. a week for the ability to park my bus off the street and fill my water tank every few weeks. Gardening, cooking, mowing, cleaning, skills training for your dog, canning, etc. maybe even a little child care!  Pass the word on!

For all of the above, contact me via my email address. joycesdogs@gmail.com On the right side of this page you can sign up to receive an email with my current blog post so you don’t have to go to my website to hunt for it.

TAFN see you in a few short weeks.

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