Back to the Desert

BLOG DATE: 3-4-19

Holly moley! I can’t believe I haven’t updated my travels for nearly a month. Maybe because I haven’t really been traveling. I’ve been in Arroyo Grande preparing meals for a 97-year-old fellow so his daughter could take a trip to India. Also fed chickens, collected eggs, and got to go to Nose Work class with Teah Anders at Gentle Touch Pet Training.

Gentle Touch was the destination for Martha and my ‘test’ road trip 2 springs ago so it was fun to see again, a few folks that I met on that trip. It was also great to be in class and have someone else setting hides. I got to work on Split’s box behavior [learning not to stand on them]. Rumor or truth has it that NACSW is getting tougher on ‘destruction’ of search areas.  Just standing on containers apparently fits into that category.

I left AG on the 4th of March headed for Anza Borrego Desert State Park. Wild flowers are a-bloom and I’m anxious to get out there and do a bit of hiking and seeing them. Last night I pulled in to a camping spot [casino parking lot lol] in the dark and this morning woke to see gold bloom up high on the hills above Hemet CA. The mountains around here just rise straight up and it’s really something to see.  I think the flowers were California Poppies. On my travels through the high desert on the way here, I found out there is a poppy preserve in the high desert N of LA. It’s going on my research list to maybe check it out next time I’m in the area.

So Tuesday I arrived at the Borrego Springs park visitor center about 230 and as I was looking for parking, my phone rang. It was Glenna, who has been here in Borrego Springs for the last couple of weeks. She suggested a dispersed camping area for boondocking and an hour later as I was setting up my camp, in she rolled with hubby John and Nose Work Partner Bella [who by the way was 1st place at her first Elite trial a few weeks ago in Centralia, with a ‘p’ ribbon too!]. So we will get together tomorrow and hopefully do a bit of training and catching up.

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