2-5-19 on the road again

WRITTEN 2-4-19

I’ve left Caravan 3, the women’s caravan. They have moved to another site per the 14 day stay limit on BLM land in the area. I’m headed towards the coast.

After hearing about a free campsite on the banks of  Lake Mead, I made the decision to head that direction on my way west. I’m at a lovely spot about 15’ from the water. Under a big tree. Ducks swimming about. And some wind and drizzle on occasion. There are about 15 rigs in the area. And a dumpster and pit toilets. Luxurious LOL.

As I was driving along today I listened to a ‘Women on the Road’ podcast. The young women who was being interviewed had spent a lot of time in Central and South America. She was fluent in Spanish and talked about traveling with her partner who did not speak Spanish. My thoughts went to how I wish I spoke some Spanish. And then I remembered briefly meeting a women at RTR who had a sign on her car door advertising some sort of Spanish language program for kids That had gotten me thinking that trying to learn ‘toddler’ Spanish might be a good way to get started. A few days ago I looked on line hoping that I might recognize her website but to no avail. So today I was wishing that I had taken a picture of her car that displayed the website so I could look it up. Well, I rolled into this camping area, and was driving towards the end looking for a place I wanted to park for the night, and what do I see but her van! So I have snapped a picture, but don’t have Internet tonight so will look it up once I leave this place. Hoping to talk to her tomorrow. Its getting dark, still a bit dizzily and I’m hunkered in for the night.

On another note, as I walked around this place with the dogs [one at a time today] my ‘un-scooped dog poop’ radar went off. There is a lot here and it makes me so irritable.  I think I have decided to channel my anger into a plastic bag and scooper and am hoping the rain will be gone tomorrow and I will walk around and fill a bag and toss it in the dumpster before I leave. So that’s it for now I guess.

This morning, Tuesday, I have decided to head to Death Valley. Need to check the road reports. I think it might be wise to stay east of the Sierra mountains till after Tuesday as I believe it might be snowing there. I don’t need to be in Paso Robles till Friday. I am volunteering 2 days at the trial there that Split and I are way down the wait list on. I got into Denver but decided today not to go. Both the kids are in Deckers CO the following weekend.  I’m pretty sure that snow is still a possibility in March besides which it gives me another week in the desert if I want to connect with Caravan 3 again. I didn’t get into Dana Point either. Disappointing that I can’t get into anything on the coast.

Guess that is all for now. Onward up this hill through some mountains and assuming it will drop down into Death Valley. Maybe I’ll have a signal tonight and can post about the rest of my day.

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