catching up 1-22-19

My time flies! My time flies.

one of the best so far

The RTR is officially over. We did a big cleanup the day after the last event and it was great to see that almost all camp areas were clean. Satisfying to not be satisfied with full trash bags if you get the drift. 

Nice BBQ after where I met a couple from the Vancouver WA area. They have been coming to RTR every year since it started and there were literally just a handful of folks. Far cry from the apx. 10K this year. Not just van and small rig dwellers anymore either. Many big A and C classes and a few busses. 

I have only really encountered one nasty crabby person during this entire event. People have been really respectful of space, in traffic, and when setting boundaries in the ‘free pile’ area.  My mantra after meeting that one nasty fellow was ‘don’t let one crabby person spoil your whole day.’

Saturday, was a pretty easy day. One shift of traffic monitoring and then I went to ‘the big tent’. Quartzsite is a mess of people.  Traffic was awful, like pdx lol! The big tent is maybe football field size and filled with all kinds of RV equipment and gadgets for sale. Stuff to make your life easier on the road if your one who has a giant rig and wants all the comforts of sticks and bricks. I did buy another one step high stool for helping myself and the dogs get up and down from the bed more easily. I wonder some times what Split will do when she is too old and arthritic to jump the 3+ feet to get on. We will cross that bridge when we get to it. Mozart will be easy to pick up.

I keep telling people ‘my next dogs are going to be poodles’. As I have shrunk my space over the years the amount of dog hair remains the same. I’ve been trying to brush Split daily, often when she is eating as it makes a positive association with the brushing which she does not relish. I miss having BSD’s to brush. I used to lay Echo and then Rider down on their sides between my legs and I could line brush them and it was very satisfying. Mo is not so fond of the brush and does not tolerate it even with food most of the time. And he is a shedding machine. Oh well.

A few nights ago the Coyotes were singing in the not so distant parts of the desert so I had noise on in the bus to help the dogs be calmer. It’s was the ‘wolf blood moon’ total eclipse night, however we had clouds so nothing to see.

We went for a longer then usual walk the following night and tired dogs are good dogs. Next day [yesterday as I write this] I joined the women’s Caravan in the Parker area which is NW of Quartzsite. The Caravans are going to be going year round this year. These are groups of people informally gathered and camping together on public lands. There is a Max of 75 people per group. They will move according to the time restrictions of the BLM and other public land use rules. Generally 14 days. It’s a great way to meet like-minded people, and coming and going is as easy as packing and driving off or driving in and setting up camp.  I’m hoping to intro some folks to nose work in boxes. There are many do owners here. I have trials in March so gota get back to practicing a bit LOL.

The wind is blowing very hard today. And last night, and the night before. So I’m at the library as I type and get ready to post this. I’m also hopefully finally going to deal with some personal and Biz Business I have been procrastinating. The Parker Library Internet is pretty good. And a friends X boyfriend lives in Parker and has offered me use of his Internet and shower etc. as he is headed back to Portland for a while.  I’m also looking forward to having time be a bit less structured. I really have been pretty busy since I left the Portland area. 

4 thoughts on “catching up 1-22-19

  1. Wyatt’s former foster mom was there with her sister in law. Left her Labradoodle at home but on the way back going through CA they stopped at a high kill shelter and adopted 2 yr old chihuahua. Dogs get along great and she loved the RTR. Glad you’re enjoying yourself.


  2. Great to hear from you. Pub really misses class. We try and practice once in a while but he comes and stands by me as if we should be going somewhere. We have been trialing in AKC and have a SWN. I did a NACSW vehicle 1 trail and we passed. I have tried entering a few and end up 60 on wait list so giving up. I am retiring in May. My big plans are to clean up my backyard.


  3. Great to hear how you are doing! I have been wondering about you and the dogs. I am totally enjoying retirement! I’ve been taking lessons with Shelley Smith and Terri Spaeth-Merrick, learning to work the score room at trials, and doing some early spring cleaning to get our house ready to sell so we can downsize.

    Ivy and I will be in our first NW3 in 2 weeks. I’m looking forward to enjoying the day and having some fun with her.

    Keep up the blogging, please!


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