Happy New Year!

I’m in the [cold!] desert between Bouse and Quartzsite in AZ. Tonight will be my 3rd night here. I have marginal and intermittent Internet connection. I’ll be evaluating whether to jump ship to Verizon or not in the next month. Att is getting better but I’m not sure it’s good enough. Time will tell.

I’m here for the Women’s RTR. A gathering of women who are living part or full time on the road in various kinds of mobile housing. It’s an educational and free event where people who have ‘gone before’ hold sessions to educate us all about all things living on the road. I’ve already learned a few things and can’t wait to dig into the ‘leave no trace’ website I learned about today. I thought I knew it all but not true!

One of the things I just hate hate hate is all the garbage so many people leave along the interstate, in off road BLM camping sites, in parks, school grounds, etc.  Travelers, truckers, the poor and the rich all seem to have excuses and reasons why they are special and can leave garbage in their wake. It’s really discouraging at times to see so much. I’ve met many amazing women already.  

Everyone here at the Womens RTR is super friendly and helpful. The real ‘gig’ starts on Friday but there are probably a couple of hundred women like myself, here early. I’m camped across a little roadlet from Cindy and Martha. Martha has been living in her LazyDaze for about a year, often staying on the property of friends and family. [If I were to buy a standard motor home verses the bus I would have gotten a LazyDaze – well build one at a time, a real cut above the many other cheesy brands out there]. Cindy just retired a few weeks ago and has sold her house, given away her dog [very sad that she did that, but live and learn and Wilson has a great new forever home]. She bought a new truck, 5th wheel trailer, and all the stuff that goes with, and hasn’t a clue how any of it works LOL. But she is a game gal and figuring things out. This afternoon Martha and I helped her get her generator going so she now has power to her ‘house’ batteries and appliances. She really got ‘taken’ by the sales folks where she bought her rig and all its accessories. But that is another story. Buyer be ware.

Hoping to be able to post some pictures on my blog as well and hoping to post regularly.  I really haven’t felt too much like I’m ‘retired and free’ yet. I worked for about 4 wks on the avocado farm and it was hard but good work and I probably worked harder and more then I needed to but I have a strong blue collar work ethic inherited from my dad and from working in my upper adolescent and teen years in the 10 acre filbert orchard that my grandfather and then my father had. It’s not a bad thing to be a hard worker LOL. I didn’t have to go to the gym to build my muscles up!

I’ll be here till the 6th when I head down to Quartzsite to the all gender RTR [stands for Rubber Tramp Rendezvous. I hate that word cause I can never spell it well enough for google to tell me the real spelling!] to help with set up. That one starts on the 9th and is about 10 days long. My head should be exploding with info and ideas by then. My friend Sherri [Lucy the smooth coated Border Collie] is coming on the 10th to spend a few days with me and soaking up the knowledge. Don’t forget everyone, that I have a cot and blow up mattress so a guest bed!

OK, headed back to camp to drive into Quartzite with Martha and Cindy.

3 thoughts on “1-2-19

  1. Joyce here! Oh the challenges of tech! I’ve been without phone use for 4 days but back up and running now on Verizon and with my old phone. But can’t figure out how to blog on my site since I think my bro tweaked something so maybe commenting will work.
    Picked up my friend Sherri who flew in from pdx for the weekend so now trying to figure out how to live in the bus with a guest. Sometimes comical lol. I think we both got enough sleep . Dawning into another beautiful morning. Hosting a discussion this afternoon on how to help your dog be more comfortable in this environment of dogs everywhere. It’s kinda insane! I’m lucky to be camped against a ditch that blocks camping behind me so have great access to free run Split and long flexi run Mozart. OK, off to get ready for the day. Joyce


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