What Joyce is up to

Hello friends, students, family. 

Since not all my friends, students and family are on Facebook etc. I’ve decided to use a blog format to let anyone who is interested know what I’m up to! Also gives me the ability to sort of have a journal/diary. Now all I have to do is keep it fairly up to date!

So if your not on FB which I am seriously contemplating getting off of entirely, you can still know what I’m up to. My brother [I’m in the San Diego area right now – Dec. 7th 2018] is more into podcast then even I am and he turned me onto this one that I am really liking. RECODE DECODE is by Kara Swisher and she is pretty interesting. She interviews many folks in the tech and political world. Very enlightening content and she has a good sense of humor as well. 

I’m currently living on a three acre avacado and other fruits farmetett that a friend of my brothers recently bought. He is getting a fab deal. I am working 20 hours a week digging weeds and invasive growth and doing a lot of cleanup garden work. Beats going to the gym LOL. Which btw is only about 7 minutes down the road in Escondito so I can go there [LA Fitness] to shower and even soak in the jetted tub and sooth my aching muscles. I’ll likely be in the area till end of Dec. when I travel about 5 hours to Western AZ where there is lots happening in the mobile [van life] world. Big educational event there including several days just for women.

Generally I’m thinking I don’t want to just be a traveler. I like the idea of doing some sort of work and have found out about several organizations that help connect workers with property owners and trade room and board for work. Through one of these organizations I met a women in Arroyo Grande who has a certified organic farm. 10 acres. We really hit it off and I was actually able to help her with some mobility issues with her 97yo father. I’ll likely be back there in Feb. to hang out, work, and also care take [paid position] her father while she goes on a vacation out of the country. Should be interesting. he is a raving consertive, christian scientest. Watches Fox news all days and loves Mr. T. Uggh. I’m so glad I’m not related to him lol!

My bro has been helping me with some tech stuff mostly related to establishing a one password system for my website memeberships etc. 

The company in Eugene who installed my breaking system for my Honda while towing totally screwed it up and my Fit is in the shop to get it re-installed. I had funky breaking while driving it and finally figured out that it was some of the newly installed cables interfering with each other. It’s a mechanical not electrical system and it is in the shop down here now having a complete new install done. I have a dispute going with the Discover card folks and they guy in Eugene totally lied about what they did and thinks I think it is an electrical problem etc etc etc. What a pain in the tush.