Oh my, we are already done with what is probably 'hump day' of our drive to Springfield MA from PDX so that Martha Schostal and her teammate Sunny Delight can participate with some 46 other teams. Today we called it a day a bit earlier then we have been. We debated about trying to figure out how to beat the weather, as there is a storm including snow due to blow into the NE over the weekend. Then we decided we should just keep taking it day to day so we got our digs in Newton IA. 

We had fab BBQ for dinner tonight at Moo's BBQ and Blues [the later of which neither of us like]. It was worth it for the BBQ though LOL. So it was a good stop! Martha loves good food, and I love just about any food so we are a good pair!

Our previous nights we have been in Boise ID, Rock Springs WY, & North Platte River NE. 

We have evolved into a great routine – up around 6:30, Martha feeds Sunny after a brief break outside then I walk her for about half an hour while Martha showers etc. Then i grab a quick shower, we eat our hotel breakfast, and we are on the road between 845 and 930 depending on what might be up with the Hiace, Martha's 25yo Toyota van. We have done some fluid replacements and dealt with a blown fuse that runs the heat/AC.  

Yesterday we met an Airedale puppy at a rest stop. This was part of the conversation: "He's from a really good breeder" "we got him from in front of the Cabala's". Apparently people sell their dogs there every weekend. "He was for $500. but when I walked away and walked back and offered her $100.00 she took it, she said she had been told to get rid of them". Yes, from a really good breeder. Which begs the question, what is a really good breeder?? I'm sure we all would have varying opinion about that one, even though we are a pretty savvy bunch! 

Today we had very strong winds all day. Corn husk parts flying across the freeway. Brief voids of wind when trucks passed us, and a lot of hanging on tight to the steering wheel. We learned in talking to someone that sometimes they close the freeway due to the wind. We thought the road barriers were for snow, so much for what we know. Trucks go down the road with the back end closer to the white line then the front end due to the wind blowing the back end. Guess that's why we were seeing a lot of windmill farms today too. 

Nose Work gave us a nice little perk today too. When we checked in at our motel, we were chatting with the woman at the desk. The reason for out trip came up and we told her a bit about Nose Work. And she spontaneously waved the $20. pet fee because we had a working dog!

Well, that is the word from the Midwest for today. I'm going to try to start writing more regularly. We want to get east of Chicago tomorrow, maybe as far as