Lola and Zita’s Successful Hunt for a NW2 Title.

This is what Lola had to say about her successful hunt for her NW2 tittle. They are an awesome team, and Zita has overcome many of her sensitivities through her pursuit of Nose Work. Congratulations to Lola and Zita.

It was another exciting time in Enumclaw.  The day started off with a surprise.  They were power washing the roof at the school as we all arrived.  Thankfully, it did not turn out to be a big issue since the side where the exterior element was at had been washed the day before.  Once Zita figured out where the noise was coming from, she was fine.

I was sweating the container element since it was the one we missed at the Clackamas Trial. Wouldn’t you know….. it was the first element of the day!  But, thanks to Joyce and all of the container practices we have been doing and also the workshop Zita and I participated in this past month, Zita’s alert was much stronger this time around.

Vehicle was kind of a blur.  I only remember the 1st hide which was underneath a truck next to the tail pipe. Zita got grease on her nose as a souvenir from that element.

After lunch, we did the Interior and Exterior elements.  Zita really worked hard around the first hide, which was under a table.  She even put her paws up on top as she worked her way around and around before she stuck her nose underneath where the hide was.  I am proud of the growing confidence she is building from doing Nose Work.

Zita’s alerts were strong on the exterior hides as well.  One was in a drain grate in the middle of the search area.  Zita did a whip back to the grate when she caught odor.  Again, thanks to the practices we have done in class around water and drains.

It was a long warm day and I know Zita was getting more exhausted as the day went on, but each time we entered an element she put her game face on and was ready for the hunt. I never doubted any of her alerts except for one at the exterior element(not the grate).  She knew where it was but it took me a bit  longer to come around.

Always need to remember to “Trust Your Dog”.  As one of the judges said in her speech at the end of the trial, “Your dog is at a higher level then you and YOU need to bring yourself UP to your dog’s level.  Never try to bring your dog DOWN to your level.”

Can’t wait to start training for Level 3.  Happy Sniffing!

Lola and Zita