The Value of Container Work

We did container work in most of my classes this week. I’m thinking I haven’t been offering them enough. And I have a new answer when someone asks me if they are ready for an ORT. It is that they are ready when they can walk a circle around their dog and the dog remains on the box. When they can keep moving as the dog works, whether the dog stops or not. This criteria is to eliminate the inadvertent communication that is transmitted to the dog when we know where the hide is. We stop when they do. They notice our attention to the box, and darned if they don’t decide ‘it’ must be the one. Bingo, false alert or fringe. When the dog is confident enough to stick the box with the handler walking around them on a parallel path, and the handler is confident enough to do the walking, than they are ready for the ORT. This is especially for the dogs that are less sure of themselves, are more people obedient than odor obedient, etc.

Gimme the box trashier was in class today. I put the boxes upside down so she would not so easily destroy them. that worked, but she still tried to trash many. Carla’s homework is to do 2 boxes and reward big time when she alerts on the right box without trying to trash the other one first. If she goes to the empty box first, the treat when she gets to the correct box is small. When she can be direct without trashing another box first, she will go to three boxes, etc. Interestingly, when she worked off leash on containers today, there was very little pouncing. I’m thinking that she feels a bit encouraged to pounce by Carla.

Looking forward to the Match this weekend. Weather should be good, not too hot