Jill and Connie’s Most Excellent Adventures

Connie shares her and Jill’s experience at the NW2 trial on Friday in Clackamas…


I had no idea how nervous I was until I heard that last “yes” from the judge and then I knew we had passed NW2. I felt this rush of emotion and relief come over me. I was so very proud of what we had just accomplished.

Jill took me on amazing ride that day!
Part 1 – First up was the Interior, 2 rooms with 1 hide each. She seemed to be in odor quickly in the first room but took a while to pinpoint the hide behind a switch plate. The 2nd room went much faster and again the hide was behind a switchplate….so I’m told. I could not for the life of me remember where the hide was in that room. Nerves!!

On to Vehicles! We had a nice breeze blowing at us and she hit the first odor fairly quickly on the trailer and then turned and bee-lined for the vehicle. The odor was up in the wheel well. She had her nose on it once and backed out to check the front of the truck and then right back to the wheel well and alerted. First 2 elements down and now time for a long break to contemplate what we had just done and what was to come.

Part 2 – We started with Containers. The walk through in the morning had me concerned, mostly about the amount of containers, luggage in this case. Jill is not a methodical searcher she is a scattered searcher. How was I going to keep track of where we had been and make sure we got back to those unchecked containers? Not only did I fear the amount of luggage out there but I also knew there was a food distraction. Jill is the ultimate chow hound and we hadn’t done a lot of practicing with a food distraction so I had the fear of her alerting or at the very least tearing into the container to get the tasty morsel. Nope, she was all business. The famous words of “Trust Your Dog” rang loud in my head and in 29 seconds we were done and passed that element! What had just happened? Maybe we lucked out, as I learned later that we never approached the food distraction. But I’d like to think Jill knew what her mission was and stuck to it.

OK, one more element to go. The Exterior search was a concern to me also, as Jill tends to bolt into the area when given her search command. She could easily drag me down to the ground if I’m not on my toes. Thank goodness, there were no face plants. With the way the Exterior was set up I decided early on to run her on leash again due to her searching method, as there were areas accessible that were not in play. Jill seemed to pick the odor up fairly quickly but again had a hard time pin pointing and alerting. I had a good idea where it was by her search and could have called the alert but really wanted to be sure since we were so close to passing NW2. She finally worked it out and I called alert. The “Yes” coming out of the judge’s mouth was the sweetest sound. Jill and I celebrated all the way back to the car.

The awards presentation was a sweet surprise as we received 2 first place ribbons, one for fastest Vehicle search and one for the dreaded Container search. I was so proud! We collected our books and judges sheets and learned that we had received 3 “P’s”. We also learned a valuable lesson. Somehow during the interior search I had dropped some food. I had no idea it happened. This gave us 1 fault and knocked us down from 2nd fastest time overall to #18. I let Jill down but you know what, she doesn’t know or care! She had a blast and so did I!

Now on to chasing our NW3 title where i have no other choice but to Trust My Dog!

Connie and Chocolate Lab Jill