A Challenging Day at the Trials

Well, here is my report on our day at the trial on Sunday. In short, we totally bombed! How humbling! We had Mick alerting wrong, 2 missed hides and Joyce reading cues wrong [is this it’ verses ‘this is it] and as Amy would call it ‘do you smell it too? 🙂 <– that is my grinning dog!
Here are more details:

I just totally blanked out on Mick's interest in an early container and after he got the other two very clearly, I didn't think through how great I could have worked him back to check out the red box he had shown interest in. I could have re fed him at the two he already got if he showed interest again, and than taken him along back to the red box but I just sort of randomly decided to call finish instead, when I was half way there, because at that point I wasn't remembering about his interest in the red box. The pattern was a total gift had I been thinking, a big triangle so basically three connecting rows.

He got the exterior right away and we worked the rest of the area and he showed a bunch of interest back at a wall near the entrance.

Alas it was odor building up on the wall from the wind. I didn’t call it though, and we went back down along the wall to the end where he stuck himself in between two bushes and came out again and I decided to call it. It was the 2nd time he’d gone in their. Bad decision, there was just the one hide. Probably some kids food or who know what in that bushy spot.

We missed one hide on the 3 interior rooms with no clear room. I loved how we worked it though, and I called earlier rather than let the possibility of a false happen. There were one, one, and two hides. I really couldn’t even remember what happened in these rooms when I got done so didn’t have a clue how we did but was happy that he was happy and we had a good time.

Mick falsed right away on one of the 4 vehicles so we were done. The wind had started out blowing solid in one direction. But when we got there it was swirling some of the time and I think there was again a build up of odor on the van he alerted on. I can’t think of anything I could have done about that false.

His alerts have been weakening in general. I’m going to go back to pairing more than not, and practicing more than the random of the occasional spot in one of my own classes and my weekly class. And perhaps see if I can push for a bit more solid of an alert. I’m really not sure if his alert is weaker due to my training or lack of, or that his doggy dementia and maybe sniffer weakness are operating. I did get into Renton so will see what happens there. I really am trialing in NW3 for my own learning and for what I can share with my students. However it is still a bit humbling!

One dog cued, a first time’er to NW3, a methodical Berner.

My friend Pritamo did great on Saturday with some tough circumstances. Only 4 dogs passed the container. Dogs were falsing right and left on a container that was not set up with a distraction. Teams missing one after another. Nick was awesome, that little squirrel of a papplion was running over the bags and was just all over the place, but got the right one. Only one hide. Her only mistake was to miss one call of Nick bracketing a 2nd hide in one of her interior rooms, a bathroom. She was the high scoring dog with a 92.?? and a nice blue ribbon.

Another subject, this is an awesome car cover:

If you’re shopping for car cooling devices here is a link to one I saw this weekend that is awesome