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TreibballTreibball is a dog sport that involves the herding of rubber balls. Any size dog can play; the ball size is determined by the height of the dog.

The handler teaches the dog to go out behind a cluster of balls and stand behind them until directed to start bringing them in by pushing with the nose. Treibball is a timed event so bringing the ball directly to the handler one at a time in the most efficient manner gets the highest score. To that end, there are several different skills for you to learn to teach your dog.

There are several progressive levels of competition. As the dog advances, the order of ball delivery as well as the time it takes are factors in the teams score.

Treibball differs from some other common dog sports in a couple of ways:

  • There is a fair amount of direct training involved in teaching the dog the necessary skills. [As opposed to Nose Work where we set up opportunities for the dog to learn to get to source on his own].
  • The handler doesn’t have to do any running- in fact, in competition the handler has to remain within the goal area. [As opposed to Agility where the handler has to run and direct the dog and where the smallest movement by the handler can cue the dog off course].

In my classes, I recognize that both the dog and the handler are learning. I teach the handler how to teach the dog. The skills you learn can be useful in other dog sports as well as in everyday life.

You’ll learn how to use a marker or clicker to shape some of the behaviors the dog needs to know to play the game.

You will also be coached to be a “neutral” trainer, learn about the inadvertent cues you give your dog and how to get rid of them.

CLASS STRUCTURE: I take a max of 4 dogs per one-hour class. Teams work one at a time. The value of watching others work their dogs is usually under-estimated as is the value of short snippets of training with rest and ‘think time’ for the dog in-between. New students can enroll in any class that has room. Most students are at different levels depending on when they started, previous training experience, and effective practice time spent between classes.

Six weeks sessions are available for $125.00. After the first 6 weeks, students have the option to continue as follows:

  • 6 week of consecutively scheduled classes for $125.00
  • 6 class drop in card $150.00 and good for 10 weeks, usable when room is available. Requests made 24 or more hours in advance. If there is no room for the class you request, I add another week to the duration of your card or add 15 min to the class time if that is a possibility at the specific location.
  • One at a time pay as you go drop in when there is space available. $30.00

Contact Joyce at if you want to get more info or register for class

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