Private Training

Private sessions work with the owner and their dog one-on-one to address the training needs of both ends of the leash.

We usually want skills for our dogs as solutions for unacceptable behaviors. We agree that skills have their place. However if your dog had essential manners, never jumped on you, escaped through open doors, barked inappropriately, pestered you to meet desires, soiled the house, ran off, or pulled you all over the place on the leash, you probably wouldn’t care so much if he could sit or down. And you likely wouldn’t be looking at this website!

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At Joyce’s Dogs, we focus first on helping you help your dog understand that you are a leader worth listening to. Every dog is different and your particular dog’s leadership needs will be looked at individually.

One of the main benefits of developing a leadership position with your dog is that you will easily have much more of your dog’s attention. Once you have attention, the skills will come more readily. Some of the skills we value the most are a reliable ‘come’ when called, control at doorways, keeping all four feet on the floor, a sit and a down. We are skilled at helping you teach your dog all of the typical beginning commands, as well as most, if not all of the advanced skills often seen in dog sports and obedience trials.

Private training provides a format that is customized for you and your dog’s individual needs and issues. We look to maximize your efficiency as you learn what you need for deepening the training and improving the relationship with your dog. We come to you so that we can meet you and your dog in the environment where you likely spend most of your together-time.

At Joyce’s Dogs we work with our clients to determine:

  • What are the behaviors of concern
  • Why might these behaviors be presenting themselves
  • First steps for improvement
  • Prevention of unacceptable behaviors

Our Private Dog Training sessions take into account your busy life. We are available weekdays, weekends, and week nights as needed. Together we will structure your homework so that it fits into your daily routine and lifestyle. It is always part of our goal to develop a program that you can live with.

We believe dog owners need to feel good about the training program we develop. To that end, we customize each training plan so that you can be successful in following through in order to teach your dog more acceptable behaviors as soon as possible.

Cancellation Policy

We understand that your time is as precious as ours. Once an appointment is made, cancellations are required 48 hours in advance with re-scheduling allowed as Joyce's Dogs time permits. "No shows" will forfeit any deposits or payments already made for that appointment. Re scheduling of "no shows" or home visit appointments once I have left my home the day of the appointment will only be re-scheduled with a penalty payment and the full pirce of the visit paid in advance.

Private Lesson Pricing Policy

Charges are $85 per hour with a charge of $.75 per minute of travel time after the first 20
minutes, each way. Visits that are scheduled at my place are charged at $60 per hour.

Multiple lesson packages of five hours of time paid at the beginning of the package time
receive a 10% discount and can be used at the first visit if you wish. The five hour package rate
is $382.50, a savings of $42.50 for you. If there are travel time charges, they will be added in
at the first visit at the amounted determined by Google maps and adjusted towards the end of
the package as needed if more or less travel time is used. Mixed visit packages will be charged
the $382.50 rate and if a visit ends up occurring at my place the dollar amount will be
deducted from the remaining package amount left. Packages are good for 3 months.

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