Agility Training

Our Agility classes develop a foundation of safety and fitness for fun and competition.


For nearly twenty years, the dog sport, Agility has been growing in popularity. With several styles of the sport promoted in the U.S. by a variety of organizations, the highest level of Agility draws competition of highly skilled teams from all over the world. Agility can be safe and fun, but it needs to be practiced responsibly. If not appropriately introduced and practiced, dogs risk physical harm and development of fear.

Agility is a team sport with the handler directing the dog to the correct obstacle. Even the most skilled dogs needs an educated handler to direct it from obstacle to obstacle.

To achieve a qualifying score, dogs must:

  • Accurately complete obstacles in the correct order
  • leave all jump bars up
  • meet time requirements

Effective communication between the handler and the dog is vital to getting the dog to the correct obstacle, or else the dog is left having to make its own decisions. The handler must communicate the current obstacle as well as the following. This communication requires good timing because no two courses are ever the same.

At Joyce's Dog's, we teach a solid foundation of groundwork as well as obstacle negotiation. We introduce the handler and dog team to the skills needed to communicate for successful navigation. Our goal is to develop teams who can consistently qualify and have fun.

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