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Page updated: 12-2013

Inquiring new students: email me and I can give you the most up-to-date info about the availability of space for you in any of these classes.

For current students needing to do make-ups: please contact me ahead of time to make sure there is room for you, and to find out about field trip locations. You can also check the K9 Nose Work Schedule Notes which are updated regularly for the location of the week.

PLEASE NOTE: We are often on field-trips from most locations. The information below is for general area and times only. Refer to K9 Nose Work Schedule Notes for updates.

Classes Offered in the greater Portland

Monday – No Classes Offered

Tuesday near Downtown Vancouver

Wednesdays daytime: NW Vancouver, evenings: Beaverton

Beaverton classes often meet in a showroom for granite counter tops and kitchen cabinets! There are a couple of rooms, a covered loading dock for vehicle searches in crummy weather, and off-street parking. It’s got a variety of exterior areas for searching as well.

Granite Transformations: 11170 SW 5th St # 150 Beaverton, OR 97005 [ MAP ]

Thursdays near Downtown Vancouver

Fridays NW Vancouver

Often on a field trips. Contact Joyce for details. Classes at 9:30am, 11:15am, and 1pm.

Sundays are drop-in classes in Gresham. Only for dog on odor!

This is a field trip class with occasional sessions at DogTown

DogTown 1975 SE 1st Street, Gresham 97030
Link to Dogtown

If you are interested in any of these classes please fill out the contact form if you are a new student or email me if you are already taking classes with me.

General Info about the classes:

  • All classes are 6 weeks and run one to one and a half hours depending on the number of dogs in the class.
  • All classes [except drop-ins] are $150.00. When you take any class except the first level, there is a $5. discount for enrolling before the last day of the last class of your current 6 wk session. 
  • Discounts for 2 dogs enrolled and worked by the same family.
  • Makeup classes are available as long as you are an enrolled student, and there is room for you without exceeding the 8 dog limit per class.

Dogs must be able to be confined in the car between turns, or crated in the building if there is room. Owners watch all of the dogs work in order to learn about the movements that dogs make that let us know that they have found the hide. This is also how we learn how odors move in the environment. Plus it's just really fun to watch all of the dogs having such a great time.

Classes are tons of fun for any dog. Even reactive dogs are welcome since dogs work one at a time. This activity is also a real confidence builder for shy and/or environmentally sensitive dogs. 

The first class you need to take is Intro to Nose Work. Than if you get hooked and want to continue, Intro to Odor is the next level. After that, we just keep going with 6 wk sessions, increasing difficulty, introducing new locations, adding the elements that have not yet been introduced, etc.

The schedule can be somewhat dynamic as far as start dates especially for Intro to Nose Work goes. I like to have a minimum of 5 and maximum of 8 dogs in a class. Never more than 8 for sure. Sometimes I mix classes with Intro to Nose Work and Intro to Odor and this seems to work well.

You will not be considered an enrolled student until your enrollment form and payment are received. Some classes offer rolling enrollment. This means you can enroll and start working your dog mid session. Please call me (206-819-7297) to see if this is an option for you at the sight your interested in.

More Information

General info about the sport can also be found at the following national site: www.nacsw.net

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