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Mick at fifteen years young

Saturday, February 11th, 2012

Yes we can teach an old dog new tricks!

Oh my! If my youngster [nearly 15 year old Mick] lives long enough, he is surely a worthy candidate to take a shot at a Nose Work three trial. He is working so well, and I am able to track what we are doing out there [at least in practice!]

We have blind container drills with call to finish successfully under our belt twice now. At level three, the handler doesn't know how many hides there are, between one and three. And has to call 'finish' when you believe the dog has found all the odor locations that is present in the room, on the vehicle, in the container drill, and for the exterior. And there will be one interior room to search that will not have odor, and the handler has to call 'clear'. So many challenges.

The good news is that Mick just had a geriatric workup with our favorite and trusted vet Dr. Williams and he is doing great.

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Lessons from an Old Dog

Friday, December 23rd, 2011

Mick at 15 is Keeping Me on my Toes

Oh my. My old boy Mick is now teaching me about 'old dogdome'. He is the first dog I have owned that has lived past 8.5 years. He is 4 months from his 15th birthday. He still loves to retrieve in water and on land. He lives for this, and for FOOD.

Sunday evening I had some cooked chicken on the counter, painstakingly stripped from the bone for Simon who's appetite is up and down these days. I went out to the pool to meet someone. When I came back inside, the container was where I had left it …but it was empty. I think I probably had left the dinning room chair pulled out so that it was close to the counter. That's how he got up there to help himself without disturbing the container placement. My bad I guess, gotta be thinking more about prevention.

Yesterday I had my private lesson training bag on a chair by the table. Came home from teaching at Stay Pet Hotel and found it's contents scattered across the dinning area floor. Ripped and shredded to get the goodies out of miscellaneous bags and containers buried deep in the recesses of the bag. My bad again for leaving it on the chair in the first place.

Will I ever learn?

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