Lola and Zita’s Successful Hunt for a NW2 Title.

This is what Lola had to say about her successful hunt for her NW2 tittle. They are an awesome team, and Zita has overcome many of her sensitivities through her pursuit of Nose Work. Congratulations to Lola and Zita.

It was another exciting time in Enumclaw.  The day started off with a surprise.  They were power washing the roof at the school as we all arrived.  Thankfully, it did not turn out to be a big issue since the side where the exterior element was at had been washed the day before.  Once Zita figured out where the noise was coming from, she was fine.

I was sweating the container element since it was the one we missed at the Clackamas Trial. Wouldn’t you know….. it was the first element of the day!  But, thanks to Joyce and all of the container practices we have been doing and also the workshop Zita and I participated in this past month, Zita’s alert was much stronger this time around.

Vehicle was kind of a blur.  I only remember the 1st hide which was underneath a truck next to the tail pipe. Zita got grease on her nose as a souvenir from that element.

After lunch, we did the Interior and Exterior elements.  Zita really worked hard around the first hide, which was under a table.  She even put her paws up on top as she worked her way around and around before she stuck her nose underneath where the hide was.  I am proud of the growing confidence she is building from doing Nose Work.

Zita’s alerts were strong on the exterior hides as well.  One was in a drain grate in the middle of the search area.  Zita did a whip back to the grate when she caught odor.  Again, thanks to the practices we have done in class around water and drains.

It was a long warm day and I know Zita was getting more exhausted as the day went on, but each time we entered an element she put her game face on and was ready for the hunt. I never doubted any of her alerts except for one at the exterior element(not the grate).  She knew where it was but it took me a bit  longer to come around.

Always need to remember to “Trust Your Dog”.  As one of the judges said in her speech at the end of the trial, “Your dog is at a higher level then you and YOU need to bring yourself UP to your dog’s level.  Never try to bring your dog DOWN to your level.”

Can’t wait to start training for Level 3.  Happy Sniffing!

Lola and Zita

Meeting Rigel

This post is from Turk’s mom…Turk is a regular swimmer at Joyce’s Unsinkable Dogs…

Lucky me, Turk was on the schedule just before it was Rigel’s turn to swim. Rigel’s mom Cindy was nice enough to let me meet Rigel and stay to watch him swim for a bit. Well what a handsome man he is, I was ready to dog nap him – although I am sure Turk would have some to say about that.

I learned that Rigel is Joyce’s longest term client in the pool – he has been swimming somewhere between 3 and 4 years. The 6 year old Rigel is a busy dog as he also has agility, rally obedience, and nose work titles. And he attends charity events.

Well I was charmed to meet him and snapped a nice photo to share. And looking forward to seeing him soon, as I see that he follows Turk again this week.

Sunny makes her Mom Proud

I’d like to share Martha’s report on her NW1 titling run with her Giant Schnauzer Sunny, Delight, who can be dog reactive, a shadow chaser, and is a dog who referred to as “a handful”!

Martha’s report is another great example of how K9 Nose Work® can help a dog and owner have a good live together…

Sunny was a very good Girl! She placed 3rd overall with a time of 1 minute, 24 seconds and placed 3rd in the exterior with 24 seconds! The vehicle search was the longest search with 27 seconds and only 8 seconds for the containers. She was focused and really reasonably well-behaved–a bit talkative but still good. There was a brief moment during one of our walks when she started to bolt for a shadow but I was able to use the “break” and get her back to me. She only did this once.

Anyway, I was really proud of her. She has come a long, long way. Thank you for all your help with her.

Dixie’s First Swim

This was shared by a client today…We are so happy to be Dixie’s new friend. Thank you for sharing this update, and we wish Dixie a speedy recovery.

Our dog, Dixie had her first swim tonight to help in her recovery from TPLO surgery. She can be a bit choosey about her friends and Judi was wonderful with her. We’re very pleased. Thank you Joyce’s Dogs!

Rigel the Unsinkable Dog

Rigel has been swimming at Unsinkable Dogs for over 2 years. He lost 9 pounds in the beginning. Way to go Rigel!

And the only place he will retrieve is in the water. He loves it – he barks and demands to have the tow thrown just like a high drive Border Collie!

Rigel Fetching in the Pool Rigel in the Pool

Joyce’s Dogs offers No Risk Gift Certificates

Joyce's Dogs is offering No Risk Gift Certificates for any of our Services

These are great gifts for the Dog Lovers in your life! 

Dog with mannersHere's how it works. Contact Joyce and she will issue you gift certificates with the name of the recipient and the value of the certificate.

You can opt to specify a particular service, or specify a dollar amount good for any of the services available.  Our selection of services include: Dog Swimming @ Joyce's Unsinkable Dogs; K9 Nose Work classes; or Private Training.

And here is the No Risk part of the offer.  You do not have to pay anything up front. When the receiver contacts Joyce to schedule their selected service, you will be contacted for payment at that time. That way if they don’t redeem the certificate, you gave a gift with good intent – but it doesn’t cost you anything. So if it’s round filed or sitting in a drawer somewhere – there is no cost to you.

Win Win for everyone – especially the lucky dog (or dogs) who are the true users of the gift certificates.


Cool in the Pool

Norman lived as a stray puppy for several months and missed out on normal socialization experiences.

He's still fearful of new people and new situations, so we took things slowly during his first post-surgery rehabilitation swimming session.

Special thanks to Mindy Mulligan of Paws in Balance for donating her time as Norman's swim coach.