Stories from our K9 Nose Work ® Classes

Oh my, so much going on!

A fun one to watch in Beaverton

We had an awesome class last night in Beaverton. One of the dogs who is in his 10th week of food hunting is so interesting to watch. He moves very slowly, and sometimes cautiously. However it pays off for him. He walks along, makes a turn and goes straight to the hide almost every time. Rarely see him detailing. His stealth movement doesn't disturb the movement of the odor and he is just darned direct!

Progress with a fear/alert barker

I have a little 'Toy' Schnauzer in one of my K9 Nose Work classes. She is a fear/alert barker. Often directed at strange people. And she is a great little hunter. Often she barks as she enters the room and sees the class observers. Than she gets down to hunting and there is less barking. Today she did some barking during round one. During round two there was hardly a peep. Great to see her get more comfortable, and focused.

Our dogs can help us with our mistakes

OOPS! last week my Thursday evening class went to Wilco Farm store to do exterior and interior hides. My Bad, I apparently left a tin behind when we left. 8 days later, one of my friday morning students dog found it!