Olympia K9 Nose Work Class – Week 3

Olympia K9 Nose Work class – Dec 21, 2011

Wow, my Olympia students are doing just great. It's clear that the dogs are progressing in their ability to detect the odor and have a successful hunt.

I did a hide on a desk part that was about 16 inches off the ground The desk top was another maybe 14-16 inches up and on top of it was a couple of plastic baggies with kibble and dog treats. About 6 feet away from the desk and against the wall hung my jacket with pockets full of treats. Most of the dogs showed some interest in my jacket and in the top of the desk but they continued to hunt without trying to eat out of my coat pockets or to jump on the desk for the kibble. This makes it clear to me that they are identifying that the Odor is what pays. This is their 3rd week on Odor.

Lots of noses going up tonight too. Odor rising. The heater in the building goes on and off throughout the class. Gota think more about how the dogs hunt in relationship to heater on / heater off.