Odor Recognition Testing

Six of my students did their odor recognition test on Birch today. Five of them passed, and the one that did not knows why she didn’t. In the heat of the moment of a test, it’s really hard not to call it too early and that’s what happened. This team is my least experienced team that tested, so they have a long time to get more proficient.

As I always realize myself, and tell my students, “you get way more bang for your buck when you miss”. There is so much to learn in this sport in order to become a great team. And when you have a miss there is so much learned.

One of my students who has missed 3 times did get her ORT today and I’m so proud of her. She has a dog with a lot of drive, and not a lot of focus. I’ve been there so I know it isn’t easy. This dog tried to alert on many boxes, and they had to replace five of them! That is unheard of. Her handler waited till she was at a box that she would not come off of when her handler kept moving, and she called it and was right. Way to go C and G.

I’m so proud of all of you.

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