Meeting Rigel

This post is from Turk’s mom…Turk is a regular swimmer at Joyce’s Unsinkable Dogs…

Lucky me, Turk was on the schedule just before it was Rigel’s turn to swim. Rigel’s mom Cindy was nice enough to let me meet Rigel and stay to watch him swim for a bit. Well what a handsome man he is, I was ready to dog nap him – although I am sure Turk would have some to say about that.

I learned that Rigel is Joyce’s longest term client in the pool – he has been swimming somewhere between 3 and 4 years. The 6 year old Rigel is a busy dog as he also has agility, rally obedience, and nose work titles. And he attends charity events.

Well I was charmed to meet him and snapped a nice photo to share. And looking forward to seeing him soon, as I see that he follows Turk again this week.