Chase Away K9 Cancer

chase away cancer

Chase, from the Chase Away K9 Cancer website


Dogs with Cancer. It is a 6 letter word that I hate. Did you know that canine cancer affects one out of every three dogs? And about 50 percent of dogs over the age of eight are diagnosed, Freeman says. Cats have similar rates.

I recently lost my lovely Rider to Lymphoma at a young 8.5 years. 14 years ago I lost my not yet 5 year old Golden Ashley to Cancer. And now my Silky Simon who was treated for Lymphoma just a few months ago, has his Lymphoma coming back.

That is why I support the Chase Away K9 Cancer organization. Today the Oregonian posted a very nice article about them: Local woman’s campaign aims to eradicate canine cancer.

And here is the link to their website Chase Away K9 Cancer: