Dog Swim Center Videos

Our Newest Video to Feature Our Dog Swim Center

Check out Clark County's ONLY heated, indoor dog swimming pool.

Our newest video was produced by Clay Myers of Clay Meyers Photography. I want to thank Clay for doing such a great job with my video. I enjoyed how easy it was to work with him. The process was actually more fun than anxiety producing! He made it easy to relax and just be 'me' when filming  the dialogue part of the video. And he did a great job editing the footage of the dogs swimming such that the essence of what we are about really seems to show through.

Clay is clearly commited to getting the best footage and sound and visual background possible. I' m looking forward to working with him again in the future to do a video on my K9 Nose Work classes, and one for Private training as well.

You may contact Clay for help with your videos at or visit his web site at

See Drew Carney’s Featured Segment on Unsinkable Dogs

In January 2010, Drew Carney of KGW News did a feature story on Joyce’s Unsinkable Dogs. He even brings his own dog in for a first time swim session. This video is fun and informative. Enjoy!

Watch a Testimonial Video

View a testimonial of a young active dog with hip dysplasia. She swims to build strength without the impact of land based exercise.

Cool in the Pool

Norman lived as a stray puppy for several months and missed out on normal socialization experiences.

He's still fearful of new people and new situations, so we took things slowly during his first post-surgery rehabilitation swimming session.

Special thanks to Mindy Mulligan of Paws in Balance for donating her time as Norman's swim coach.