Hi Joyce, Just got home from a 10 mile hike with Abby and my friends. We had a pack of two Dobies, one GSD and one Akita. All therapy dogs except for Abby. Abby is a changed dog thanks to you. She behaves beautifully with the pack, has a wonderful recall, is confident and joyful. She reads other dogs well and backs off when they don’t want to play and I love that she is social, playful and has manners. Knowing how to relate to the pack is so important. She is such a great dog!!! She is so much fun and I am so proud of her. I give you the credit. You gave me the tools that I need. Now I am reaping the rewards of a well behaved happy dog. My mom and I get such a kick out of her!!! -JS. on training

Thank you, Joyce! After just one of your positive and encouraging training sessions my life and my dog’s life improved significantly. Unbeknownst to me his pulling and lunging on our three miles of daily walking contributed to pain in my leg and hip. After our first training session with you my dog walked quietly on the leash and for the first time in two years it was possible to actually enjoy being outside walking with my dog. After a week of this more comfortable walking the pain in my leg and hip were gone. If one can judge by the increased amount of tail wagging, my dog is happier too. You are the best!
-L.S. on training

Lacy’s first night of class was spent on my lap watching the other dogs… Now, when evening comes and I am gathering up the leash, harness, treats, and dog bag, Lacy is right there with the others, looking up and asking if it is her turn to go. -Carol and TheFurry Four  on Nose Work.

On walks, he would run and yank off our arms…We were at the end of our rope. Over the past several years, we’ve had Joyce come into our home from time to time to work on new areas, and to see how we (and Spock) are doing. Now, when he starts towards something he is not supposed to and we call, he stops and returns.  He is excitable, but that is what we love about our dog.  If it were not for Joyce, our family would be missing out on one of the most loving, happiest dogs I have ever owned. -Scott and Laurie on Private Training

Today was the most fun I have ever seen my dog have. -D. R.  on K-9 Nose Work

Wow, my dog was so happy and puppy like after the swim. -T.B. on Swimming

Sophie can sit on her haunches now, she hasn’t done that for three years. -Teresa on Swimming

Unsinkable Dogs has only been a positive experience to both my dog and myself! -Tena Abbey, Vancouver, WA

It used to be that Elke would not even put a toe into the water. Now she is coming in on her own. Even though she’s still nervous, you can tell how proud she is with herself now. -Kathleen and Elke on swimming

When I found Unsinkable Dogs, it was everything I had wished for. The price was something we could fit into our budget, and we could come every week. Because of this, Eowyn has more spring in her step, she is thinner, and her muscles have taken over supporting her back hips again, so there is less stress on her joints. We couldn’t be happier or more grateful. -Kathleen and Eowyn on swimming

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