Please help me support the following small businesses you can trust.

I have either experienced their services or know someone who has. They are recommended and on my links page because of the product quality, and/or the service that was provided by the owner or employee. Thanks for helping these small businesses thrive in this difficult economy.

Stay Pet Hotel

The first time I walked into Stay Pet Hotel i couldn't believe my nose! I was there to discuss the possibility of teaching K9 Nose Work classes there. if I hadn't seen the kennel and dogs and kennel runs I wouldn't have believed it was a dog facility. No smell of dogs, urine, or cleaning fluids. I don't know what they use but it sure works. The staff is very easy to work with and the dogs seem to be enjoying themselves as much as they can when they are minus their human families.

Dolans Dog DooDads

Seven or eight years ago when the first front attachment/no pull harness came onto the market it seemed like a great tool to use for pulling dogs. Easily accepted by dogs, as opposed to head halters, and humane, unlike prong collars. But there were some design flaws, and they were hard to get.

I asked my student and friend Mary Dolan if she could make one for me, with a few changes. And the rest is history. Mary has made many improvements to the Wonder Walker Body Halter. With just one buckle it is by far the easiest front attachment harness to put on. It has 5 different places it can be adjusted and a ring on the back that can be used to attach a car strap, or for an alternate leash placement. Mary does custom harnesses as needed for dogs with untypical body shapes such as Bulldogs and Dachshunds. She also makes strap covers for the occasional dog with extra sensitive skin. 

Should you fail to follow the use instructions, she will even repair your harness for you.

North West Sign Solutions

Joe and Bev Goldsby own and operate  the sign company responsible for my car wrap and the street sign identifying Joyce's Unsinkable Dogs. I choose to use the original logo for the Pool, that was designed by my friend Amy Aitken. Designer Wes Buton who works at NW Sign Solutions did the wrap design for my car using the photography of Carla Christian Photography.  Bentley, Mick, Rider, Simon and Shannon graciously consented [well, Shannon anyway!] to model for the photos included in the wrap.

World Data Computer Corporation

Mike Picone does the hardware work for my computer, and also has taught me some things about using it. He is well versed in both Mac and PC and also found me a used MacBook for reasonable price. He evaluated my old PC laptop when it crashed and checked with me before spending money on a possible fix. His charges were very reasonable and he kept me appraised of  the choices I had in the trouble shooting process.

Lead Me On: Ursulas Boarding and Training

Said simply, Ursula is a brilliant dog trainer. We met several years ago when we were both doing some training with Dawn Jecs [Choose to Heel]. I was impressed right away with the way she thought things through, and with the depth of her questions and comments. She is intuitive, insightful, well read, and an excellent reader of dog body language. Boarding and training with Ursula will give you a very good understanding of what your dog's needs are in-order to live peaceably with you in your household.

K9 Nose Work® 

This is the link to the National Association of Canine Scent Work which is the parent club for the organization and the membership organization if you want to trial. You must join and renew yearly. Your dog is registered one time for life. If you plan to sign up for an ORT make sure that you register in plenty of time so you can get your score book, and all the paperwork is completed prior to your ORT date. Two months prior is the suggested time frame.

Pet Friendly Portland & SW Washington

This website provides a lot of useful information for anyone with a pet living in the Portland – Vancouver areas. It includes resources for activities that you and your pets can do together; links to help you find pet friendly rentals; ways to volunteer with animals and emergency information and resources; and much more.

Pritamo Kentala CNWI, K9 Nosework and Agility

My good friend Pritamo Kentala CNWI teaches K9 Nose Work and Agility Foundation classes in the greater [more northern] Seattle area. She has an NW3 tittle on her 14 yo Pomerianian Surfer who also has championship tittles in Agility. Her K9 Nose Work students do awesome at trials. If your looking for an instructor in the Seattle area who is at the top of her game, Pritamo is the best out there in that area.
Check out her website:

Columbia River Pet Partners (CRPP)

CRPP is a local group of the national Pet Partners organization, the gold standard of therapy animal programs. Their teams visit schools, libraries, businesses, assisted living homes, dental offices, hospitals, and hospices in the greater Vancouver / Portland area, and their primary goal is to increase the number of teams serving our communities. If you have an interest in becoming a registered therapy dog team, contact them now to learn what is expected of you and your dog. If you’re not ready now, you’ll learn what you need to work on. CRPP will guide you through the process, and charges no fees. Our communities need all the therapy dog teams they can get!

Joyce's Dogs